B.Audio/Intrada Loudspeakers

France-based B.audio was created after more than 10 years of research and development by a complementary family team of engineers whose professional experiences enabled them to take a fresh look at the challenges of sound reproduction. Since then B.audio’s products received numerous awards from the international audiophile press.
Originally, a common observation: the sound from digital media is often perceived as harsh, although extremely detailed. In contrast, the sound from analog media is perceived as more natural but lacks micro-details. While many attempts have been made to resolve this dilemma, none of them has proven to be completely satisfactory according to the B.audio team.
Taking full advantage of current technical possibilities, B.audio electronics incorporate decisive technological achievements to the benefit of sound reproduction. From the ground up, all options were explored without preconceived ideas before retaining the most relevant solutions.

Following system will be showcased at the Dutch Audio Event 2022:
– B.dpr EX: streaming DAC with full analog pre-amplification stage
– B.amp mono: ultra low distortion monophonic stereo power amplifier (class AB)
– Intrada Loudspeakers Maurice: 3-way reference loudspeakers”


Intrada Loudspeakers
I founded Intrada in 1997 as an extension of my audio equipment store. Over time, the company has become a distributor of several great audio manufacturers. While still running the shop, I was not entirely satisfied with the quality of the loudspeakers available on the market. They limited the capabilities of the equipment we sold. I decided to create my own loudspeaker system that would be able to unleash the full potential of the excellent electronics sold by us. I invited Grzegorz Matusiak, a designer that I have known for several years, to the project. For over three years we have been developing a set, in which we have included several solutions that have not been seen before in loudspeakers. We did not impose any limits on the quality of the components used. This is how our first set, Maurice, was created, which we presented at AVShow in Warsaw in 2019. It met with an enthusiastic reception, which prompted us to develop a few more, much more affordable designs, using cheaper but still good parts and partially cheaper materials. They are based on the same assumptions of the acoustic system and the crossover. During this annual Event, we will present our first and best Intrada Maurice design.

Kijk op onze website voor de link naar de dealers:
B.Audio https://www. b-audio.com/
Intrada Loudspeakers https://intradaloudspeakers.com/


B.Audio/Intrada Loudspeakers