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Ultisone is the importer and dealer for a selected number of audio brands that represent an excellent value and are a major contributor to the most satisfying musical experience.

At the X-Fi show we will be showing a premiere for the Benelux market of the Stenheim Alumine TWO stand mount speakers.

These Stenheim speakers have modest dimensions but their specifications and musical quality are on par with much more expensive speakers.  Being made in a full aluminium frame they are extremely rigid allowing you to fully enjoy the pleasures of such concept in a smaller design and easier to drive.

With an in-room sensitivity of 93 dB and a very amplifier friendly impedance load of minimum 6 ohm, they can be powered by as little as 10 Watt thus allowing to ‘voice’ the speakers to every listener’s system and preference.  The Alumine TWO is made out of an extremely rigid aluminium casing but the exterior wall can be obtained  in various finishes.  The pair on display will have the beautiful Macassar wood finish and their original stands which allow hiding the speaker cables.

Beside their sonic virtues, it must be said that their visual aspect make them easy to integrate in any room and their configuration makes them easy to position, even close to a wall.

The Stenheim Alumine TWO will retail at a  price of 12.500 EUR (VAT incl.)  and during the X-Fi show we will offer these speakers at a launch price of 10.500 EUR!