Ultisone is the importer and dealer for a selected number of audio brands that represent an excellent value and are a major contributor to the most satisfying musical experience.
At the X-Fi show we will be showing a premier for the Benelux market of the unique Stacore equipment platforms.
The STACORE anti-vibration platforms are advanced vibration control solutions, designed from the beginning for audio applications.
The STACORE designs incorporate a series of real-physics solutions, providing efficient, wide-band vibration decoupling and damping. The basis is a unique combination of a properly damped Italian slate and a passive pneumatic suspension. Our platforms work under all elements of the audio chain: analog and digital sources, pre- and power amplifiers, and even acoustic systems.
We offer three versions: STACORE BASIC, STACORE BASIC+ and STACORE ADVANCED.  The Basic version has a maximum load of 65 kgs, the Basic+ is especially made for heavy duty as it can hold equipment up to 150 kgs and the Advanced is a yet more advanced Basic platform with an equally maximum load of 65 kgs.
The words by a recent customer of the Stacore platform: “I can’t tell you how much this adds to the sense of realism, and is a treat really worth the entrance ticket. My system was really expressive at a different level today. Bravo Stacore!”
The prices for the Basic, Basic+ and Advanced platforms are respectively 3,900, 4,500 and 5,900 EUR (VAT incl).
At the X-Fi show, Ultisone will be exhibiting with the Basic and Basic+ platform.