Sonority Audio Import, is the EU official distributor for Schiit audio and for other brands the distributor in the Benelux.

Sonority audio import arose after 30 years of working with audio equipment and music.

Sonority audio sells and imports high-quality audio products.

Our products are distinguished in the absolute sense in pure sound quality , price and finish and thus fit into our philosophy.




Schiit got started in 2010 when two audio industry veterans decided it was time to shake things up a bit. The two audiophiles are Jason Stoddard, formerly of Sumo, and Mike Moffat, formerly of Theta. Together, they have designed dozens of audio and A/V products, from the Andromeda III to the Cobalt 307 to the DS Pre and Angstrom 200.

So, yeah: fully balanced differential power amplifiers, fully discrete I/V conversion stages, audiophile D/A converters, relay-switched stepped attenuator volume controls in preamps. the first DTS home theater surround processor on the market . . . we’ve done a ton of stuff.

So What Now, and Why So Much Headphone Stuff?
In the old days, audiophiles went up the food chain from the table radio to the console stereo to separate speakers the size of refrigerators and monoblocks that would cook a cat. Today, nobody starts with a table radio. Everyone—and we mean everyone—starts with headphones.

So, yeah. We do a lot of headphone stuff. Or “Personal Audio,” as they’re starting to call it. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have products that are totally comfortable in a speaker-based system, from all of our DACs, to the Mani phono preamp, to the Ragnarok integrated amp. Whether you’re looking at personal audio or at a speaker-based system, we have fun, affordable products that’ll put a smile on your face.

So What Makes Your Products Special?
Mike Moffat separately aligns each molecule of every JFET, using a special Absolute Zero containment suit…er, well, no. What makes them special are three things:

Unique Multibit DAC and Digital Filter Technologies
Today, virtually every DAC uses a reduced-bit technology known as “delta sigma.” Multibit DACs have largely gone by the wayside, thanks to less-expensive delta-sigma technology. The few multibit DACs that exist either use NOS (new old stock) D/A chips, one of two or three still-extant multibit chips, or build their own R2R ladders at high cost. We’ve always believed that multibit DACs provide the best sonic performance, especially when coupled with Schiit’s unique, DSP-based closed-form digital filter. This is why we created two entirely new multibit DAC architectures using current-production, medical/military grade D/A converters that have linearity specs far exceeding any audio DAC. If you’d like to learn more, read about Yggdrasil, Gungnir Multibit, or Bifrost Multibit.

Innovative Analog Approaches
On the analog side, we’ve also taken innovative approaches, each uniquely designed for the task at hand. Even our least expensive headphone amplifier is essentially a miniature, fully discrete, DC coupled, Lin-topology power amplifier. We’ve introduced unique output stages to wring more power out of Lyr 2 with its Dynamically Adaptive output, re-introduced inherently balanced topologies like the circlotron in Mjolnir 2, and created unique “analog computer-style” protection systems. For Ragnarok, we introduced the entirely new concept of 100% intelligent microprocessor management of the entire amplifier–from bias to DC level to overcorrect protection…and included a relay-switched stepped attenuator, for perfect channel matching and no ICs in the signal path…and also created an amplifier that’s comfortable driving everything, from tiny IEMs to giant speakers.

Designed for the Real World
The real world is a complex place, which is why all of our products are overbuilt. Pick up one of our affordable Valhalla 2 or Lyr 2 amps, and marvel at the weight, heft, and solidity (each of those two amplifiers use two separate transformers with real high-voltage supplies—an approach that’s usually far beyond their modest price. Then, we test them extensively with Stanford Research audio analyzers (and our ears), and we burn-in every product from Asgard 2 on up for a minimum of 1 day to help catch any early failures. (Ragnarok and Yggdrasil get 4 days each). We also keep very close tabs on any service and support needs, so you can rest assured of years of great sound.

And—it bears mentioning—we believe that close-coupled, local control of all of the aspects of production delivers better products. That’s why we design and produce our stuff here in the USA, with the vast majority of parts cost going to US-based companies manufacturing in the US. We need all of that clarification in there because some people have played games with what “Made in USA” means. When we say it, it means that our chassis guys are right over the hill in the San Fernando Valley, our transformers are made here in California, our boards come from the east coast (of the USA), and we design, assemble, and test everything here in Valencia, California.

GAIA Audio
Made and designed in Holland

Aune Audio 

Aune, as Wuhan Ao Lai Er Technology Co., Ltd.’s Hi-Fi brand, has been devoted to developing desktop and portable audio products such as DACs, digital transports, music players, headphone amplifiers, etc.

Founded in 2004, Wuhan Ao Lai Er Technology Co., Ltd. has amassed a wealth of experience from extensive research and development, all of which has resulted in products that have been well received globally.

The six co-founders, in addition to being diehard audio fans, are also experts in various audio related fields, such as hardware design, electro-acoustics design, programming, speaker design and tuning.

The logo of Aune was inspired by the concept of Yin-Yang – the Chinese philosophy of balance. The rounded design of the letters conveys a message of peace and gentleness. The openings on four sides indicate inclusiveness.

With our pursuit of superb sound and great user experience, we are striving to make Aune a world-class brand.


TOPPING was established in 2008. We have experience in developing all kinds of audio products such as power amplifier, headphone amplifier, DAC, lossless media player and etc.

R&D is the most important part of TOPPING, it consists of senior engineers and senior audiophiles.

We’ve invested in various professional testing instruments since our established, making sure our product have excellent specs.

Its engineering performance is near ideal with no notable audible issues.

The build quality on the outside is very nice and step above bargain basement devices.

The Topping dacs are appreciated worldwide for their build quality, measurements and sound quality, and this for very competitive prices.

from the cheapest to the most expensive dac, it contains top components.

The Topping dacs came dangerously close to unseating every other DAC in their price range and above.

Ludic Cables

Ludic Cables, the same or different than other cables on the market? Well to be honest there is no rocketscience on cables, perhaps in marketing there is. Offcourse a high quality cable with a good price is not so much different than one very expensive model. Ludic cables are made from high quality materials and though solid good cables. There is only one different with the majority of cables on the market…our price quality ratio is outstanding!!!


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