We do accelerometers

The heart of each and every servo bass system is formed by the sensor equiped bass driver. Our strength resides with accelerometer design and development and pairing them with a wide range of low note drivers. Our StarBass productline paves the way for a new highly functional breed of motional feedback designs incorporating state of the art drivers and electronics.
We do drivers

By pairing StarBass accelerometer technology with state of the art low note drivers we provide a foundation for systembuilders to create high performance servo bass systems. Our services and products include:

  • Of the shelf Piratelogic servo drivers
  • A select range of modified third party drivers
  • Modification services of third party drivers
We do modifications
Manufacturers of active loudspeaker enclosures investigating the use of servo technology are offered extensive modification services of drivers and integration of loop electronics into existing designs.
Using our modification services allows a manufacturer to quickly appreciate the effect servo drive has on an existing products by allowing comprehensive A/B comparison testing between the original and servo’d product.  Rather then starting a new product development cycle from scratch a modification approach allows for significant savings on time to market by minimizing impact on existing procurement, assembly and inventory processes.
We do electronics
With the introduction of digital signal processing to improve overall loudspeaker performance, active enclosures are gaining fast in popularity over passive systems. Not just professionally, also consumer products show an increasing use of the technology due to it’s ability to handle room acoustics more efficiently. Using motional feedback in combination with DSP provides the best of both worlds with the former addressing room modes and the latter drastically improving a systems low-note response. We enable system designers to add high quality servo loop functionality to their designs without the hassle of having to enter a separate development cycle. Our offer includes both turn key as well as modular solutions for use with existing electronics. All our products and services are backed by 20+ years hands-on experience with the design, prototyping and trouble shooting processes surrounding motional feedback systems.
We do consultancy

Our consultancy services include but are not limited to

  • design support
  • development support
  • trial & error services
  • education & lectures
  • demo presentations

As a proof of concept Piratelogic has partnered with Archidio to bring you the smallest servo enclosure to date, the Little/One. Small enough to be accepted, clever enough to sound big. Equipped with our StarBass V accelerometer and measuring a mere 17 x 17 x 24 cm

The Grown/Up represents our next step, an 8 inch longsstroke woofer and a coaxial mid/high unit powered by a Piratelogic BMH3D servo module.


Archidio Architectural Audio, archidio.nl