Konus Audio has been recognised for many years as consultants to some very respected audio companies, system optimiser, manufacturer of Konus Audio Essence speakers, European distributor for 47Laboratory, Miyabi and Fuuga cartridges.
In 2016, after three years of development, Konus Audio has presented their own line of electronics, hand made using ultimate parts never before seen in this price range.
Strikingly bold in sound quality and appearance, Konus Audio, going against all clichés is again redefining what high end should be about: quality, not the sky high price; enjoyment, not frustration… and the most important – music.
“Miracle Workers” as called by Hi-Fi Choice, Konus Audio is pleased to offer you audio equipment you can live with and enjoy in harmony, together with your loved ones or alone.


X-Fi Audio Import


Retailers (Netherlands): Audio Life (Buren)