Esse Quadro
Esse Quadro is a young company, founded in Trieste in 2015 by Salvatore Spatafora.
However, we have many years of project development and research behind us, where the passion for sound has been joined by the one for music. Entrepreneurship, determination and depth studies of acoustic physics have allowed an idea to become a solid reality, by creating a line of innovative speakers.
Technology: We use front buffle disengaged from the rest of the structure, the tweeter emission is adjustable in 5 different position for the L’Una stand series ( on 223 model 3 step for Mid and 3 step for Tweeter ). We use premium material ( drivers, cable, binding posts, crossover parts )
The sound has zero listenig fatigue ( this is very important for us ) and very funny to listen. Respect their dimensions they sound much bigger, so you can forget that is “only a Stand Speaker”
Esse Quadro speaker


Nederland: HANS Audio,




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