“Are you searching for emotion and commitment as you listened to audio
recordings on an audio system? Warmth, affection and true love for the
music that in any live recording is present? More and more recording engineers and listeners go for Conquistar. We promise you a dynamic, emotionally involved live experience with
our speaker system arise from passion and dissatisfaction with existing
systems. Dare you accept the challenge?
Have no fear to fall in love or to be emotional, it’s a natural process own
in people when listening to their favourite musical delights. The new
Legend Conquistar brings you back to the source: true love for the
As a designer I am now 60 years young and still in love with my true
dream now a reality: experience music on an audio system such as the
composer and performer have mean. I invite you to listen to your
timerecordings. Myself and our Conquistar Stores invite you without
obligation. Have fun & enjoy music!
CONQUISTAR-developed and designed for your listening pleasure by
and with music lovers.
With love from Belgium.


An international speaker system whose items are selected from various
countries. Born out of passion, determination and the search for a speaker that
everything lets forget..
This instrument uses the unwritten laws that music’s own.
Surprisingly easy, no tech-talk and yet that inviting character, that
emotion, engagement and inexplicable attraction to live experience.
Rediscovering your favourite melodies that suddenly tell a very different
story it to the front.
That tangible presence of energy incarnate, conquest, undergoing a
crushing impression rarely experienced in such a simple design.
The practical “thingies” that this instrument used to adjust itself optimally
in every room.”


Tingsha Audio,